12V battery protector/ batteryless jump starter For 12V Battery Vehicles

Brand :Lilead

Product origin :PRC

Delivery time :30 Days

Supply capacity :10000 Pcs/Day

If cars stop for 3 months, forget to turn off light, elec leakage etc.
LILEAD auto starter, 5 seconds battery reboot, you can start your car anytime.
Normal work in -40℃. Super safe, even burned by 1300℃ fire, 2 years warranty.

LILEAD 12V battery controller Specifications 

Application:Only for use on ALL 12V batteries

Max volt:18V

Max current (10mS):2400A

Max current (continuous):100A

Max switch current:60A

Internal resistance:1mΩ

Weight:0.67lb / 300g

Dimensions (L*W*H):1.96" x 1.03" x 2.76" /// 50*26*70mm

Working consumption (>11.8V ):3mA

Static consumption (<11.8V):0.5mA

Battery discharge protection:Battery volt <11.8V

Discharge protection time delay:1 min

Recover Time:1 min

batteryless Jump Starter

Comparison with jump starter:

12V battery controllerjump starter
SafetyHigh temp safetyNo battery, safeFor poor quality and cheap products, high risk
ConvenienceCarry onNo needYes
open doorNo needYes
open front coverNo needYes
find conduct positionNo needYes
Reliabilitystorage2 years warrantystorage<6 months, need re-charge
starting carsCan start cars which stored for 3 monthsIf less than 50% capacity, can't start cars

car battery protector


What’s Auto starter / 12V battery protector, does it have the battery?

Auto starter is a 12V battery controller, can work as a batteryless jump starter, if battery volt is <12V for 1 mins, Auto starter/ 12V battery protector will cut off battery output, and batteries have around 30% capacity remained. It ensure the battery have enough power to start your vehicle, it can also prolong battery life.


Does your auto starter / 12V battery protector can use in hot or cold temperature? Like -20 ℃ and 70 ℃?

Yes, the selected electric components has a minimum operating temperature of -40 ℃ to 80 ℃. So it can work in very hot and cold environment.


What's the working current and standby current of your auto starter / 12V battery protector? And how much current can pass it?

For our auto starter / 12V battery protector, the working current is 100A, the standby current is 100μA and the biggest current is 2400A. So, auto starter/ 12V battery protector controller can ensure users can start vehicles after 3 months storage.


Does your auto starter / 12V battery protector can use when the vehicle have electric leaks?

Yes, if the vehicle has electric leaks, our auto starter / 12V battery protector can help you to keep the power for start the car.


Does your auto starter / 12V battery protector can use when the car has the headlight or the uninterrupted monitoring?

Yes, the auto starter / 12V battery protector is helpful when the car has been modified.


What's the size of your auto starter / 12V battery protector?

Very small, similar as your business card, so it easy to ship and install.


How your auto starter / 12V battery protector come from?

We separate the lithium battery management system and make the auto starter / 12V battery protector which can control all 12V batteries, no matter it’s lead acid battery or 12V lithium batteries.


How many types does your Auto starter/ 12V battery protector controller have?

We have the Positive version, Negative version and Generic version.


How do I know which version to choose?

You can check your car’s battery, if there’s space in positive terminal, then you can choose the positive one, otherwise you can choose the negative version. The Generic version is for sale online. Normally the ratio for negative and positive version is 6:4, this is data only for reference.


Will this erase time clock and radio presets?
Yes, to protect your battery, The auto starter / 12V battery protector will cut Electricity supply for all the devices. You can reset the time clock and radio preset when the battery reconnected 


What does the 1 min time delay refer to on this product? When you press the button does DC power show up immediately?

When you press the button, the DC power will show up immediately, and it will last for 1 minute. If you do not start your car, the AUTO STARTER will disconnect and protect your battery again. 

1 Minute is enough to start a car. The auto start will protect the battery once it detect the voltage is below standard (USUALLY ONCE IN EVERY MINUTE.)  

My manual transmission has the step of depressing the clutch to start, can it work on that car?

Yes, it works. Only press the button of the battery protector, the battery will recover. And you can start your as usual. No matter Manual or Auto Transmission. 

I tried it too many times so now the battery is dead, can I jump it or do I need to unhook this first?

The Auto Starter can only protect your battery but cannot jump it. if you want to jump a battery, no need to unhook the auto starter. Please press the auto starter button then jump start your battery. Otherwise the battery will keep disconnect. 

At what voltage does the device disconnect the battery? is it adjustable setting?
If the voltage is below 12V for one minute, the protector will disconnect the battery automatically. It's not adjustable. 

Will this work for manual transmission?
Yes, It fits all 12V-battery cars. I installed one on my H2 Hummer and Corvette and they work just fine. It's easy to install and eliminates battery draw. Hopes this helps. 


LILEAD 12V battery controller installed in BMW

automatic battery protector

LILEAD 12V battery controller installed in TOYOTA

batteryless Jump Starter

LILEAD 12V battery controller installed in HONDA

car battery protector

LILEAD 12V battery controller installed in PEUGEOT

automatic battery protector

LILEAD 12V battery controller installed in Cadillac

batteryless Jump Starter

LILEAD 12V battery controller with Japan distributor.

car battery protector

LILEAD 12V battery controller with India distributor.

automatic battery protector

A. Company problems

1.    Are you a trade company or a factory?

A.   We are the R&D company with factory.

2.    Does your company attend the exhibition? Which exhibitions are specifically?

A.   Yes, we attend the CES, AAPEX, HKTDC, CIBF, Canton fair.…

3.    Where is your company? Can I come to visit?

A.   Our office is in Shenzhen China, not far away from our factory, and we do welcome all our customers to visit.

4.    What is your payment term?

A.   Our payment term is 50% TT upon PI receipt, 50% TT before shipment.

5.    Does your company provide after-sales service? What kind of after-sales service?

A.   Yes, all our products have after-sales service, details as below:

1.    18 moths' warranty period-used in cars, SUV's, yachts, sailing boats.

2.    12 moths' warranty period-used in racing cars, audio-modified vehicles and other modified vehicles.

3.    6 moths' warranty period-used on operating vehicles.

6.    How long does it take for me to receive a reply?

A.   All messages will be replied within 24 hours.


B. Product problems

1.    Does your product support customization? Can I put my logo on the product?

A.   Yes, we offer OEM service to all our customers.

2.    What is the certificate for the product?

A.   Our battery has the most certificates in the world, such as: PSE from Japan, CB & CE-EMC from Europe, C-TICK from Australia, FCC from USA, and IP67, RoHS, UN38.3, SDS.

3.    What is the minimum order quantity?

A.   It’s depends on the products, the MOQ will from 100 up to 1000 pcs.

4.    Do you have a product quotation form?

A.   Yes, we can send you the form after we get your message.


batteryless Jump Starter

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