Why the lithium batteries are limited on airplanes?

Why the lithium batteries are limited on airplanes?


Since the "debut" date, lithium-ion batteries have faced many controversies. In 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) completely banned the shipment of lithium-ion batteries on passenger aircraft, which may be related to several lithium-ion battery fires.


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In the process of aircraft consignment, the temperature in the cargo compartment and the degree of heating and compression of the lithium-ion battery are uncontrollable. Therefore, if the battery is out of control, it will cause an internal short circuit, which will cause fire, and the space on the aircraft is limited. "Park" at any time. Carryed by passengers, passengers can always notice the situation, even if the battery fires, the staff can control in time.




So is the lithium-ion battery a cow ghost? Otherwise, the life of lithium-ion batteries is not always smooth. Lithium was originally used in batteries in 1970, and was later abandoned due to unstable battery performance. Nowadays, with the technical improvement of a batch of researchers, lithium-ion batteries are once again brilliant, and whether they are involved in lithium-ion batteries in both civilian and military fields, it is a strong return.




If you look at the safety of lithium-ion batteries with a two-point method, you will find that its so-called disadvantages are also advantages. On the aircraft, the rated energy of the lithium-ion battery should not exceed 160 wh, and the lithium contained should not exceed 2 g. It can be seen that the energy density of lithium should not be too small. The explosion or burning of more than 2 g of lithium can have a greater impact on the aircraft. It is also because of this feature that high-energy lithium-ion batteries are becoming more popular for power and energy storage systems. If the hazards of lithium-ion batteries are exaggerated, the lithium-ion aircraft, electric vehicles and lithium-ion submarines that are actively developed and manufactured by various countries are now a joke.


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Admittedly, we can't do without lithium-ion batteries, but we can't ignore its safety. Lithium-ion equipment is limited in aircraft, which is also determined by its characteristics. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, perhaps lithium-ion batteries can come and go on the plane in the future.

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