Truck breakdown Anchorage highway congestion more than 5 kilometers

Truck breakdown Anchorage highway congestion more than 5 kilometers

At 8 o'clock in the morning, a number of citizens broke the news to reporters that the Luoshan Elevated area was heavily congested from the south to the north, and the vehicle was once congested for more than 5 kilometers. The reporter learned that this morning's congestion was caused by a van on the upper approach bridge of Pudong in the direction of Pudong in the Pudong of Yangpu Bridge.

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At 8:20 this morning, Mr. Wang, a citizen, told reporters that there was serious congestion in the north of the Luoshan elevated north. "The Luoshan elevated has become a parking lot." The public Mr. Zhang told reporters that he was stuck in the Luoshan elevated for an hour, and the vehicle was still stagnant. Some citizens photographed from the high-rise building next to the approach bridge at Yangpu Bridge. One of the vans was suspected to have broken down due to a fault, and two tractors reversed the lower axle to the anchored vehicle.

The reporter learned that at 8 o'clock this morning, a van was unable to drive because of a puncture of the left rear wheel at the approach bridge at Yangpu Bridge.

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In order to cope with the on-site rescue, the ramp once temporarily adopted temporary closure measures, which led to the severe congestion of the Luoshan Road elevated. At 9:30 in the morning, the accident vehicle was taken away from the ramp, the scene was reopened, and the vehicle traffic gradually returned to normal.

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