Should the RV use a lithium battery or a lead acid battery?

Should the RV use a lithium battery or a lead acid battery?

Let me talk about electricity, the use of electricity in the car, can only be used! If the electricity on the RV is used as casually at home, it is not enough. Why? Replenishing electricity is a problem!

In the off-network state, the means of replenishing electricity is nothing more than driving charging, solar energy, and generators. These ways, it can be said that the supplement is useless! Not saving, not enough!

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There is too much to say in the RV lithium battery, which is too complicated for ordinary users. The big battery factory simply can't see the amount of the RV, and it is impossible to propose a solution for the RV power system. The mature 48V+ lithium battery solution in the world is just a matter of old users. The security is not good. After all, the protection system of BYD is a few billions. If you study it personally, you can say that this thing is stable and safe. Anyway, I don't believe it. Now everyone is generally using base station UPS, base station inverter, there is a temperature control probe, it can only be said to be relatively safe! But they are all used. For the RV conversion plant, it is impossible to configure it in the car...

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As LILEAD are professional in 12V lithium battery system, and professional in vehicles and boats electrical engineering, LILEAD published 12V lithium marine & leisure battery, 1 battery 1000Wh energy.

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lithium marine batteries

LILEAD S80 12V lithium marine & leisure battery application

Now LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery will start to sell in Sweden by LILEAD agent Batteripoolen, who is RAY-TECH partner for more than 8 years.

We believe S80 marine & leisure battery can bring more joy for users, and more green for environment.

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