Motorcycles in the world

Motorcycles in the world

Motorcycles, as a means of transportation, are favored by the masses because of their economy, speed, flexibility and ease of operation. However, because the stability of the motorcycle is relatively poor and the safety performance is low, in the process of high-speed driving, in the event of a collision, the rider and the driver of the motorcycle are often thrown, causing casualties. Due to the lack of traffic awareness among drivers, there is a lack of traffic safety common sense. In particular, many traffic offenders who have been found ridiculously believe that motorcycles do not have a license or buy insurance. They believe that as long as they are careful not to drive, they do not consider that in the event of a major traffic accident, they may be killed.

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Due to the light weight of the motorcycle, when a large car passes by the side of the motorcycle, a wind will be generated, which affects the operation of the motorcycle. The structure of the motorcycle also has the characteristics of keeping the human body in balance while driving and losing balance when parking, so the human body will fall out due to loss of balance when braking. When the motorcycle is braking while driving, the rear wheel brake should be used first to ensure the longitudinal stability of the vehicle. Even if the front and rear brakes are used at the same time, the rear wheel brake should be used first. Never use the front brake separately, especially when going downhill, otherwise it will cause vertical rollover accident. In addition, more and more motorcycle models, better and better performance, design speed is getting higher and higher, but also has potential accidents.

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As lead acid battery charger’s charging mode is hard to know, so 12V lithium battery manufacturer don’t like users to use lead acid battery charger, to prevent safety accidents.


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Well, LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer is designed for both 12V lead acid battery, but also 12V lithium battery.

LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer have 6 intelligent charging steps, max charge current 1.25A, max charge volt 14.6V.

Users can can use cell phone charger/ power bank/ ipad charger etc USB output, to charge 12V batteries.

DC to DC is super safe.

LILEAD mini 12V battery charger / battery maintainer will ensure your battery always in best condition.

Please notice, LILEAD mini 12V battery charger supports all cell phone battery chargers, and support QC 2.0 QC 3.0 quick charge.

With 18W battery charger, LILEAD Battery Spirit max output can be 1.25A (1250mA) to charge 12V starting batteries.

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