Motorcycle batteries should also be maintained?

Motorcycle batteries should also be maintained?

As the weather changes and the temperature is getting lower and lower, the maintenance of the vehicle has become a topic that is increasingly mentioned by riders every day. Among them, the performance of the battery in winter is the most frequently mentioned topic.

mini 12V battery charger

In modern vehicles (including cars), the car battery acts as a power source for all consumers in the event of a vehicle stall. Including headlights, meters, oil pumps, starters, and various electronic components, the battery supplies the required current when the engine is not running.

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After the engine is running, after the current generated by the excitation coil is used to supply power to the entire vehicle after replacing the battery, the battery needs to store the excess power generated by the generator to continue the power supply at the next startup.

As lead acid battery charger’s charging mode is hard to know, so 12V lithium battery manufacturer don’t like users to use lead acid battery charger, to prevent safety accidents.


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Well, LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer is designed for both 12V lead acid battery, but also 12V lithium battery.

LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer have 6 intelligent charging steps, max charge current 1.25A, max charge volt 14.6V.

Users can can use cell phone charger/ power bank/ ipad charger etc USB output, to charge 12V batteries.

DC to DC is super safe.

LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer will ensure your battery always in best condition.

mini 12V battery charger

Please notice, LILEAD Battery Spiritsupports all cell phone battery chargers, and support QC 2.0 QC 3.0 quick charge.

With 18W battery charger, LILEAD Battery Spirit max output can be 1.25A (1250mA) to charge 12V starting batteries.

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