Lithium RV Battery

Lithium battery for RV

Electricity is a must for homes and cars, and it is naturally indispensable in the RV. However, the RV is a combination of a house and a car. The electric energy on the RV is different from the electric energy in the house. It is divided into 12V DC (24V or even 48V for individual RV) and 220V AC. Among them, 12V electricity is stored in the battery of the RV (we are also called the living battery, which is used to distinguish the starting battery of the chassis). The 220V is not stored and can only be connected externally. There are usually 1-2 batteries on the RV for storing electricity, usually ranging from 100Ah to 200Ah. It should be noted that the living battery of the RV and the engine starting battery are not a system, and the trailer car will have a separate battery.

lithium marine batteries

The normal battery of the RV is 100Ah-200Ah, and its usage threshold is about 65% (meaning that if the battery is 200Ah, it can only use 200Ah×0.65=130Ah), and the service life is only For two years or so, the price of each battery is about 800-1600 yuan. Even so, the life battery can only be used as the lighting for the RV and the computer and mobile phone. If you bring a refrigerator with more than 40 liters, you can only use it for a short time, let alone high-power electric appliances such as air conditioners and induction cookers.

LILEAD S80 12V lithium marine & leisure battery application

lithium leisure battery

Now LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery will start to sell in Sweden by LILEAD agent Batteripoolen, who is RAY-TECH partner for more than 8 years.

We believe S80 marine & leisure battery can bring more joy for users, and more green for environment.

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