LILEAD New big capacity battery--- S80 battery , 12V 1000Wh

LILEAD New big capacity battery--- S80 battery , 12V 1000Wh

Marine craft such as electric boats, yachts and motorboats, plus all kinds of caravans and motorhomes use many deep cycle batteries, commercial name: leisure battery or marine battery.

In Sweden and Finland, leisure batteries and marine batteries are very popular, because there are thousands lakes in both countries. People in Scania Peninsula also loves mother nature, caravan and motorhomes are very popular.

Due to technology limit, traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries are too heavy for motorhomes, and life is short after winter season.


As LILEAD are professional in 12V lithium battery system, and professional in vehicles and boats electrical engineering, LILEAD published 12V lithium marine & leisure battery, 1 battery 1000Wh energy.

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LILEAD S80 12V lithium marine & leisure battery application


Compared to traditional deep cycle lead acid battery, LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery are much lighter, 40% more energy reserve and 20 times longer life.

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Due to LILEAD S80 lithium leisure battery’s great performance, 1 S80 equals to 2 deep cycle lead acid batteries, and can help motorhome reduce 30Kg.

30Kg means a lot of beers and mountain bike or other toys.

For yachts, a 40" yachts needs around 15pcs 12V lead acid marine batteries, if use LILEAD S80 marine battery, means yachts can lose weight for 150Kg- 200Kg. AMAZING isn’t it??

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Other than light weight and long life, LILEAD S80 marine & leisure batteries are also more powerful. If Yachts use bow thruster or winch, the current is around 300A, it’s 3500W output. LILEAD S80 discharge volt is 1 V higher than lead acid marine batteries, which can promote 10% higher output power.

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S80 marine battery can help yachts losing weight for 200Kg, and promote 10% more output power! AMAZING isn’t it?

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How can LILEAD S80 have such great performance?

The precious LILEAD marine battery is LILEAD S1, 6.5Kg, 435Wh, 15mins fast charge, and it’s the world most certified 12V lithium battery. Approved certs including: PSE, CB, CE, C-TICK, FCC, RoHS, IP67, UN38.3, SDS etc.

LILEAD S80 and S1 share the same BMS, which allows the battery to start engine, power bow thruster & winch.

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Battery cell are the power source for the S80 marine & leisure battery.

LILEAD choose 80Ah LiFePO4 EV battery cell, and use laser welding technology, ensure S80 high current discharge performance.

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Compare to other lithium marine & leisure batteries.

LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery is better quality, more powerful and more universal.

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Most motorhome and yachts fans are environmental protector, and they enjoy the peace and happiness with Mother Nature.

LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery is RoHS compliant, no sulfur, no lead.

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All lead acid battery have vent for sulfur output.

Sulfur makes people feel throat pain, headache etc.

Lead is also heavy metal.

S80 RoHS complaint, no harm for human & environment.


Now LILEAD S80 marine & leisure battery will start to sell in Sweden by LILEAD agent Batteripoolen, who is RAY-TECH partner for more than 8 years.

We believe S80 marine & leisure battery can bring more joy for users, and more green for environment.

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