LILEAD Battery Spirit published new demo video

LILEAD Battery Spirit probably is the world cutest 12V battery maintainer charger.

Its also the world first USB input, mini 12V battery maintainer charger.

Compared to normal 12V battery maintainer charger, Battery Spirit have better performance, 1/2 price, 1/4 weight and 1/8 volume.

mini 12V battery chargerbattery trickle charger

Other than cute, Battery Spirit is also a intelligent and super safe.

Please try to ask: USB input and AC input, which is safer?

USB input is either 5V or 9V (QC charge)

AS input is either 110V or 220V.

Battery Spirit, mini 12V battery maintainer charger also have 6 stage charging status. Its probably the world safest 12V battery maintainer charger.

LILEAD Just published new demo video of Battery Spirit, mini 12V battery maintainer charger, to prove Battery triple protection, 2 years warranty and how convenient USB input is.

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