LILEAD Battery Spirit/ mini 12V battery charger approved for CE FCC RoHS

6 Stage charging process
Stage 1: Soft start Battery Spirit will diagnosis the battery status and prevent sparking when charging.
Stage 2: Battery activationIf the battery voltage is 3V- 10.5V, Battery Spirit will activate the battery.
Stage 3: Fast charge If the battery voltage is more than 10.5V, Battery Spirit will start a fast charge, max current 1.25A.
Stage 4: Medium chargeIn order to lower battery Sulphur/ gases output, Battery Spirit will change from fast charge into medium charge.
Stage 3 and Stage 4 will repeat until Stage 5.
Stage 5: Absorption  When the battery voltage reaches 14.6 Volts, Battery Spirit will charge the battery at a constant voltage, to ensure the battery is 100% fully charged.
Stage 6:MaintenanceOnce the battery is fully charged, Battery Spirit will change into maintenance stage automatically, ensuring proper battery performance.


Status indicating:




Battery Spirit power connected but didn’t connect with battery

Battery volt < 3V

Short circuit

Polarity reversed

Eyes blinking

Battery charging status

Eyes light up

Battery fully charged

Maintenance status





Phone charger

Ipad charger

Power bank

Other USB power source


DC 13V @ 1.25A by 18W charger *

DC 13V @ 0.8A by 12W charger

DC 13V @ 0.35A by 5W charger

Limited voltage


Temperature Range

Working: -10℃ — 45℃/  14°F— 113°F

Storage: -20℃ — 80℃/ -4°F— 176°F

Float current


Charging mode


Suitable battery

12V Lead Acid battery, SLA, AGM etc

12V LiFePO4 battery

Charging battery

4Ah- 35Ah



*Note: Battery more than 20Ah, suggest use 18W output charger/ power bank.

Battery Spirit adapts USB QC2.0 & QC3.0


12v battery charger

battery trickle charger

Motorcycle battery charger

Due to the great performance and competitive price of Battery Spirit, the first month it published, the sales volume reaches 12K pcs.

Clients including AZ battery Stores, Batteripoolen, RENERGY etc.


LILEAD Battery Spirit, new generation 12V 1.25A battery charger/ battery maintainer, only only prolong battery life and performance, but also protects mother earth.

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