LILEAD Auto Starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector approved for CE FCC RoHS

LILEAD Auto Starter is a 12V battery controller, and it’s also a 12V battery protector.

If starting batteries volt less than 11.8V, lasts for 1 min, LILEAD Auto starter will shot off the electricity supply.

It can prolong starting battery life, most important thing is it makes starting battery have enough power to start vehicles.

Compare to jump starter/ battery boosters, LILEAD auto starter is more user friendly and much safer.

Comparison as below form:

Auto starter

jump starter


High temp safety

No battery, safe

For poor quality and cheap products, high risk


Carry on

No need


open door

No need


open front cover

No need


find conduct position

No need




2 years warranty

storage6 months, need re-charge

starting cars

Can start cars which stored for 3 months

If less than 50% capacity, can't start cars


In the end of 2018, LILEAD Auto Starter (batteryless jump starter/ battery booster), approved by CNAS lab, have CE, FCC and RoHS certs.

batteryless Jump Starter

automatic battery protector 

car battery controller

Due to LILEAD Auto Starter’s great performance, it’s been sold in all Bridgestone shops among Japan.

LILEAD Auto Starter can prevent vehicles broke down, prevent car fires caused by battery short circuit, to promote vehicles safety performance.

LILEAD Auto Starter is a 12V battery controller and battery protector, it can prolong battery life, less waste batteries, better mother earth.

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