Do you still use Jump cable to rescue insufficient voltage?

Do you still use Jump cable (use one car to help another car start by connecting the two cars’ electrodes) to rescue insufficient voltage? Old-fashioned!

mini 12V battery charger

When you rush to go out, and find that your car can't start, you have prepared:

Insurance company, free rescue!

XX insurance company is at your service, and the rescue is on the way.

12V battery charger

Standing by the roadside for 2 hours...

We will arrive after 1-kilometer traffic jam!

12V battery protector

It doesn't matter. Taking a taxi to work is fast!

Click XX, and you can go anywhere you want to

During rush hour, please understand...

mini 12V battery charger

Where are you now?  Why still not come?

12V battery charger

Be prepared early, a carry-on powerful (2KG heavy) emergency start power

12V battery protector

Yesterday, it was used to charge mobile phones to play PUBG games...

Insufficient battery, please charge

When you can't start your car

Experienced drivers must know how to use Jump cable to connect the electricity by themselves

Which is surely efficient and easy

But the premise is that there is a car that can be powered nearby

Otherwise, just like waiting for the insurance company's rescue, desperately wait for a long time

Besides, if the family encounter the situation of insufficient voltage

You are not around

Then you will be more anxious

So what we are looking for is

Self-help, simple and efficient solution

That our family and children can operate

And don't delay using the car at the crucial moment

mini 12V battery charger

LILEAD 12V battery protector batteryless jump starter Auto Starter

A Small Lossless Attachment

Like a smart lock of an auto battery. After using it, we prefer to call this small box“12V battery protector”,because it can immediately start the stalled auto.

Install the "12V battery protector" in 5 minutes. When the voltage is below the threshold, the power will be cut off and then enough power to start the auto is saved.

When it is found that the auto has no electricity, it is actually just in "suspend mode". Press the button and you will have 1 min to restore the power supply, and start the auto calmly.

12V battery protector     One time consumption ($69.99)

5 minutes installation     Unlimited one-second worry-free rescues

Efficient and reliable

Insurance Company's Rescue  

Be free for limited times

Have to wait... wait desperately for a long time

Every cycle is a painful operation


Jump cable+Good People

Self-provided cost

Wait... for a good person?

Relying on oneself is better than relying on others

Every cycle is a painful operation

Dependent on luck

Repair Shop Nearby

The premise is to find it!

Then wait... wait desperately for a long time

High maintenance cost

Every cycle is a painful operation


Power Bank Emergency Start

It's so easy to use with fair price

Insufficient electricity=Helpless

The lithium battery will get hot in the car,

The swollen battery has a high explosion risk

Uncertain + high risk

12V battery charger

Stability, is the biggest advantage of the 12V battery protector

Like you, when the overtime dogs see this product, what firstly comes to their mind is if it is possible to bring the battery that is losing electricity back to life?

The answer is that no one can reverse the life of the battery, but worry-free starter is definitely worth purchasing with the new battery.

The little 12V battery protector, flashing blue light during monitoring

Because "12V battery protector" has four major advantages:

  1. Block the loss of electricity. For autos that have been parked for a long period of time or have an unexplained electric leakage, the 12V battery protector will block the loss of electricity in advance and guarantee the use of the auto.

  2. Loss of electricity warning. When the battery performance gradually declines, the 12V battery protector can make an early warning. When it encounters several power failures, it knows that it needs to change the battery, but it is still enough to start the auto. Instead of waiting until there is no electricity, it can know that the battery life is exhausted.

  3. Extend battery life. Because the loss of electricity will end the battery life in advance, blocking the loss of electricity can automatically extend the battery life.

  4. High cost performance. The battery has to be changed, but the rescue function of  the 12V battery protector has been in the car. The success rate of rescue is high, and the capital and time invested are low, absolutely worthwhile.

For many autos with electric leakage problems, parking for two more days, every start of these autos is scared. The headquarters of Djcars has a long-term parking trench car with unexplained electric leakage, and it was used to test the effect of 12V battery protector by the overtime dogs secretly.

The principle of one-button restart is simple: installing the Worry-free starter, when the battery voltage is lower than 12 V, it will trigger discharge protection and disconnect the battery. When it  is no longer powering the system in the car, the current is less than 0.5 m in suspend mode, which makes the battery standby time significantly extended.

The principle is simple, but making high-quality circuits requires excellent technology.

12V battery protector

LILEAD, mainly serving of domestic and foreign military industrial enterprises, produces the intelligent lithium battery, which has obtained the most certification in the world. The industrial technology and circuit logic are excellent. Its products are small in size, light in weight and high in energy density. It is very popular among racing teams and has a good reputation and praise among the refitting enthusiasts.

mini 12V battery charger

The worry-free starter of LILEAD, uses 2080 pieces of 0.07mm copper wire, as well as international advanced copper welding technology and pure silver contacts.

It can withstand up to 2400A of starting current, 100A continuous current, and maximum 60A switching current to meet the startup and power requirements of most 12V autos/ships.

Most importantly, LILEAD achieves a suspend current of only 0.5mA after power-off, which reduces the consumption of remaining battery power to a minimum, and can still be started with one button after 90 days of parking.

12V battery chargerThe engineering plastics for the outer casing are of the same standard as the plastic parts in the engine compartment and can withstand high temperatures, safe and risk-free.

Using this in new cars and new batteries can prevent over-discharge and extend battery life; when often forgetting to turn off the lights, or electric leakage of auto, retrofitting this to the auto can prevent failing to start the car for the loss of electricity; and for long-term parked autos, this is a magic object. The auto parking for 3 months can still restore power with one button.

For more info, please check below page:

LILEAD Auto Starter12V battery protector can prevent vehicles broke down, prevent car fires caused by battery short circuit, to promote vehicles safety performance.

LILEAD Auto starterbatteryless jump starter is a 12V battery controller and battery protector, it can prolong battery life, less waste batteries, better mother earth.

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