Johnson controls sold vehicle starting battery business at 13.2 billion USD

Johnson controls sold vehicle starting battery business at 13.2 billion USD


World biggest 12V vehicle starting battery supplier, Johnson Controls sold her 12V starting battery business at 13.2 billion USD, and will focus on construction area.

1/3 of 12V vehicle starting batteries in the world are produced by Johnson controls, her best well-known brand is VARTA starting battery.

The buyer is Brookfield Business Partners L.P. and Caisse de dept et placement du Quebec.

After tax and fees reduction, Johnson Controls benefit will be around 11.4 billion USD, 3-3.5 billion USD will used to pay-off the debt, and the rest will return to the shareholders.

In 2018, Johnson Controls 12V lead acid starting battery sales around 11 billion USD, it’s 1/4 of the company’s revenue.

Johnson Controls 12V starting batteries main market is for vehicles, motorbike, trucks etc.

In 2017, world lead acid battery market volume is around 43 billion USD.


If vehicles’ battery dead, vehicles can’t be started. Big trouble arise.

For business man, vehicles anchor means time delay, and time means money.

For women drivers, vehicles broke down means helpless, and it’s dangerous.

Vehicles anchor also makes user’s losing face, it’s un-accepted by high end users.

Lithium motorcycle battery

Auto Starter comparison with Jump Starter as below form:

Auto starter

jump starter


High temp safety

No battery, safe

For poor quality and cheap products, high risk


Carry on

No need


open door

No need


open front cover

No need


find conduct position

No need




2 years warranty

storage6 months, need re-charge

starting cars

Can start cars which stored for 3 months

If less than 50% capacity, can't start cars


As starter battery is one of the key components of vehicles, and LILEAD Auto Starter is 12V battery controller/ 12V battery protector, quality and safety are most important.

In order to ensure the conductive, LILEAD Auto starter/ 12V battery controller, used 2080pcs 0.07mm cooper wires, international advanced copper welding technology and sterling silver switch contact etc.

LILEAD Auto Starter can endure 2400A pulse current/ starting current, 100A continuous current. Also have CE, FCC, RoHS etc certs.

lipo racing battery

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