How to protect car battery

How to protect car battery

The car usually does not start more than 3-5 seconds every time it starts normally. If it has not started yet, it should stop starting immediately and wait for 10 seconds to start again.

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1. When the engine is not running, try not to use the car's electrical appliances (audio, lighting, setting the power seat sitting position, etc.).

    2. Before leaving the car, first turn off the car's electrical appliances, such as audio, air conditioning, all lights, etc., and finally turn off the engine.

    3. If the car is not used for a long time (such as more than 2 weeks), it is recommended to disconnect the negative connection to reduce the battery's power loss. Note: This operation cannot be performed on a car with a driving computer to avoid losing information.

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     4. Even if all the power systems in the car are turned off, the battery in the car may be exhausted after a long period of parking, so even if the car is idle at home for a long time, the engine should be started regularly. It is best to drive on the road for 20 minutes, which will also ensure that the battery has enough time to charge.

    5, To develop a regular habit of regular inspection and clean up regularly open the hood, wipe the car battery positive and negative two poles with a damp cloth, regularly wipe the dust, oil, white powder covered with the head with a damp cloth, not only played a clean The function can also effectively reduce the accumulation of white acid etched powder and can protect the battery.

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