How to charge the motorcycle battery will make the battery life longer?

How to charge the motorcycle battery will make the battery life longer?

Today's batteries are cadmium-free, so the number of charge and discharge is about 350 times, and the battery can reach 500 times 10 years ago. If we learn the charging skills, we can increase the life of the electric car. In addition, charging the electric car can also avoid the sudden loss of electricity in the middle of the road, because the battery will be overcharged, so you will be fully charged, so you will be fully charged. At this time, it indicates that the battery has gone wrong. In order to avoid these problems, we must pay attention to the shallow charge when charging, and can not overcharge.

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The battery in the electric vehicle should be kept in power. Do not park it for a long time, because the electricity in the bottle will be exhausted after a long time, and the battery will be starved if there is no battery for a long time. In this case, we will try to charge the already starved battery with a low-voltage charger, and then charge it with the matching charger in the electric car. This will activate the battery in the battery, and don’t wait for the electric car every time. When the electricity is used up and recharged, the electric vehicle should be charged immediately when the battery is left at 1/3 of the battery. Because the battery is used up and recharge, it is easy to accelerate the battery vulcanization, resulting in the battery not being durable.

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As lead acid battery charger’s charging mode is hard to know, so 12V lithium battery manufacturer don’t like users to use lead acid battery charger, to prevent safety accidents.


Motorcycle battery charger

Well, LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer is designed for both 12V lead acid battery, but also 12V lithium battery.

LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer have 6 intelligent charging steps, max charge current 1.25A, max charge volt 14.6V.

Users can can use cell phone charger/ power bank/ ipad charger etc USB output, to charge 12V batteries.

DC to DC is super safe.

LILEAD mini 12V battery charger / battery maintainer will ensure your battery always in best condition.

Please notice, LILEAD mini 12V battery charger supports all cell phone mini battery charger, and support QC 2.0 QC 3.0 quick charge.

With 18W mini battery charger, LILEAD Battery Spirit max output can be 1.25A (1250mA) to charge 12V starting batteries.

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