Does the motorcycle battery still need maintenance?

Does the motorcycle battery still need maintenance?

The battery of the motorcycle is fully charged. It has no electricity after just a few times; or the battery with sufficient electricity has not been charged for a few days. This is because the battery plate is severely vulcanized.

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When the plates of the battery are severely vulcanized, a thick layer of white lead sulfate crystals is formed on the plates, so that the active substances participating in the chemical change of the battery are reduced, and this layer of crystals hinders the penetration of the electrolyte and reduces The capacity of the battery makes the battery fully charged quickly, but the capacity is not large, so it will be out of power soon. This situation is usually said to be the vulcanization of the plates, the main reason for the vulcanization of the battery is the long-term charging of the battery, or the placement time is too long in the case of semi-discharge.

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Most of the batteries used in motorcycles are still lead-acid batteries. This battery has an important characteristic that it can not be stored in a loss of electricity. Otherwise, it will be easily vulcanized. Therefore, as long as it is not used every day, the car battery should be externally installed. Charging. Conditional can buy one or two hundred to buy a professional charger with adjustable pressure. For the average car owner, it is also a good choice to buy a cheap portable charger, but the quality must be good, otherwise it may be counterproductive!

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Well, LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer is designed for both 12V lead acid battery, but also 12V lithium battery.

LILEAD Battery Spirit battery charger/ battery maintainer have 6 intelligent charging steps, max charge current 1.25A, max charge volt 14.6V.

Users can can use cell phone charger/ power bank/ ipad charger etc USB output, to charge 12V batteries.

DC to DC is super safe.

LILEAD mini 12V battery charger / battery maintainer will ensure your battery always in best condition.

Please notice, LILEAD mini 12V battery charger supports all cell phone mini battery charger, and support QC 2.0 QC 3.0 quick charge.

With 18W mini battery charger, LILEAD Battery Spirit max output can be 1.25A (1250mA) to charge 12V starting batteries.

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