Can lead acid battery charger recondition lead acid batteries?

Can lead acid battery charger recondition lead acid batteries?

There are some companies declare that, they can save life of dead lead acid batteries. Some battery chargers on market also declare that, lead acid batteries can be reconditioned.

If lead acid batteries can be saved, then there is no more dead batteries, it’s a super great news!

Is it true that lead acid batteries can be reconditioned?

The answer is yes, but only for some lead acid batteries, not all of them, and there are safety risks to save lead acid batteries.

The key to save “dead” lead acid batteries is turning lead sulfate into sulphoacid.

And the key is to promote battery charger’s charge volt.

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There are experiments show, if the battery charger charging volt up to 16.2V, lead sulfate will change into sulphoacid.

However, due to battery charger’s high charging volt, water (H2O) inside batteries will also turn into H2 and O2, sulphur will also output during the procedure.

If lead acid batteries are installed in vehicles, battery charger’s high charging volt 16.2Vmay also damage electrical parts of vehicles.

So, some lead acid batteries can be saved by well-designed battery charging machines, under strict procedures.

For normal battery chargers, charge batteries and maintain batteries are the main application.

LILEAD Auto Starter (patent rights product) is the BMS/ battery controller for both 12V lead acid starting battery and 12V lithium starting battery.

LILEAD Auto Starter can prevent vehicles broke down, prevent car fires caused by battery short circuit, to promote vehicles safety performance.


If battery volt keeps lower than 11.8V for 1 mins, LILEAD Auto Starter will shut off the electricity supply, ensure starter battery have enough power to start the vehicle, and also prolong starter battery life.

LILEAD Auto Starter also needs to be convenient, must be small, must be easy to install.

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