LILEAD Auto starter,best auto battery protector for USA pick-up

In 2018, the top 3 best seller vehicles in United states are Pick up.

Top 10: Toyota Corolla  278,293 sets

Top 9: Chevrolet explorer 295,321 sets

Top 8: Honda Civic 299,376 sets

Top 7: Toyota Camry 314,346 sets

Top 6: Honda CR-V 336,934 sets

Top 5: Nissan Rogue series 369,587 sets

Top 4: Toyota RAV4, 388, 501 sets

Top 3: Ram pick-up 476,825 sets

Top 2: Chevrolet Silverado 519,159 sets

Top 1: Ford F series pick-up 821, 558 sets

automatic vehicle battery protector

Americans have vast land, creative and capable people.

Work is our amusement. Trucks combine work and amusement. America sees the pickup truck as both a source of amusement as well as a tool for labour.

However, many pickup have electrical leakage problem, and electrical leakage problem is nearly impossible to solve, because the total length of the cable in a vehicle is more than 900 meters.

LILEAD Auto starter, automatic 12V battery protector will cut off electric supply when battery volt is less than 12V for more than 1 min.

LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic 12V battery protector is smaller than business card, its easy to install with the battery.

12V battery protector

LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic 12V battery protector installed in FORD F150, TOYOTA Sequoia.

auto battery protectorautomatic vehicle battery protector

12V battery protector

auto battery protector

LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic 12V battery protector can endure 2400A pulse current/ starting current, 100A continuous current. Also have CE, FCC, RoHS etc.

With LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic 12V battery protector, 5 seconds battery reboot.

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