Batteryless Jump Starter market is developing

Recently, more and more Batteryless Jump starter appeared in the market.

There are 2 types batteryless jump starter:


1, Super capacitor jump starter

Traditional Jump Starter/ Battery Booster use lithium ion battery as power source, it can start vehicles even vehicle batteries are dead.

While Jump starter/ battery booster performance is affected by temperature just as vehicles batteries.

If its freezing, both Jump starter and vehicle batteries performance declines, how can jump starter/ battery booster helps?

If its hot in summer, jump starter/ battery booster life and safety performance are poor.

Super capacitor jump starter can solve the problem:

A, Super capacitor have 90% performance even in -30

B, Super capacitor can short-circuit, because only little energy inside

C, Super capacitor is safe in 70, performance only decline a little

D, Super capacitor can store for years, and performance decline a little.

However, Super capacitor also have short comings:

A, Super capacitor only reserve a little energy, cant used as power bank.

B, If vehicle battery is dead, Super capacitor Jump starter is useless

C, Super capacitor are 50% more expensive than lithium battery jump starter.

D, Normal users dont know how to use lithium jump starter & super capacitor jump starter, not user friendly.


2, Automatic vehicle battery protector

LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector is batteryless battery rebooter, the scheme is: always keep 30% power remained in vehicles batteries, and 5 seconds battery reboot.

LILEAD Auto starter advantages are:

A, Even safer than super capacitor jump starter, 1300fire burning is ok.

automatic vehicle battery protector

B, Normal work in -40

automatic battery protector

C, no need to carry on, no need to open the door, no need to open the hood, no need to conduct.

Press remote controller button, 5 seconds battery reboot.

Even 5 years old kids know how to press the button.

D, promote vehicle battery life, prevent battery dead by over-discharge. Alert driver of battery problems.


The short coming is: LILEAD Auto Starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector dont have batteries inside, cant promote battery performance.


Do to the great convenience and user friendly. LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector is popular in China, Japan, India etc countries, the market is booming.

auto battery protector

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