5 seconds solve Vehicle current leakage

Nowadays, vehicles become more and more intelligent, more and more interesting functions are widely used, for example: passive keyless enter, anti-theft system, 24 hours standby camera, more advanced medio center, start-stop tech etc.

More electric technologies mean more power consumption, so BMW, AUDI use bigger batteries than before, 12V 110Ah AGM batteries become standard batteries.

For Mercedes Benz, they use dual batteries, 1 for memory system, 1 for starting.

The cable length in vehicles is also getting longer, the total cable length in 1 vehicle is around 1000 meters.

If some cable break and touched the vehicle frame, current leakage happened, batteries may drained within few weeks or even within couple days. And its nearly impossible to solve the problem: there are some many connectors and cables, checking work is really costly.


LILEAD Auto Starter, automatic vehicle battery protector can solve the problem easily, the solution is: 5 seconds battery reboot!


If Vehicles battery volt is lower than 12V for 1 mins, LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector will disconnect battery circuit to prevent vehicle batteries over discharged.

All you need to do is press remote button, then battery reboots for 1 mins. Users can start vehicles and go ahead.

batteryless Jump Starter

LILEAD Auto Starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector promise users can start vehicles after 3 months storage.

LILEAD Auto Starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector working current is 3mA, static current less than 0.5mA.

Pulse current 2400A and continuous current is 100A. It can fit all 12V vehicles batteries.


With LILEAD Auto Starter/ Automatic vehicle battery protector, 5 seconds battery reboot.


LILEAD Auto starter/ automatic vehicle battery protector installed in AUDI.

automatic battery protectorauto battery protector

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