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LILEAD New products: Mini 12V battery charger/ battery maintainer charger for powersports

Power Sport batteries are often neglected and tend to go bad sooner than the customer would like. Maintaining the battery properly will increase the service life of the battery.


If a battery is dead by pro-long time storage or over-discharge, users need to buy a new one.It not only wastes time, but also cost money, because battery is not only heavy, but also expensive.

12v battery charger

So, motorbike and super car factories they also publish their smart battery maintainer charger, try to prolong battery life.

battery maintainer charger

battery trickle charger

There are so many users want to solve this problem, smart battery chargers aftermarket is also booming, both on AMAZON and stores.

They are so popular, only sales volume on AMAZON over 1 million pcs.

12v battery charger

For great brand smart battery chargers, they are well designed, good quality.

And all the 12V battery chargers need to plug in the wall, and the adapters are big and heavy.

Is there anyway we can improve the chargers?

The answer is YES!


We published new generation 12V 1.25A smart battery maintainer charger:

LILEAD Battery Spirit.

With LILEAD Battery Spirit, you can use cell phone charger, IPad charger, IPhone charger, power bank etc to charge/ maintain 12V batteries, no matter lead acid batteries or 12V LiFePO4 batteries.

LILEAD Battery Spirit is 59g/ 2oz only.

battery maintainer charger

Compare to traditional smart battery charger/ battery maintainers, LILEAD battery Spirit price is only 1/2.

battery trickle charger

1/4 weight, 1/8 volume.

12v battery charger

Similar products: 24.8 oz~28.8 oz

LILEAD Battery Spirit: 5.9 oz

Most important thing is: Battery Spirit have better performance than normal smart battery chargers.

battery maintainer charger

battery trickle charger

Due to the great performance and competitive price of Battery Spirit, the first month it published, the sales volume reaches 12K pcs.

Clients including AZ battery Stores, Batteripoolen, RENERGY etc.


LILEAD Battery Spirit, new generation 12V 1.25A battery charger/ battery maintainer charger, only only prolong battery life and performance, but also protects mother earth.



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